We are a close-knit group of friendly folks who care about what we do. So when you call for service, price quotes, or account questions—or when you drive through our gate—we’ll be here for you.


IMI owners
Murray, Alan and Michael Cohen: Owners
As the owners of Iron & Metals, we obviously have many responsibilities. But none is more important to us than making sure you’re getting the exceptional service and fair treatment that will make you a lifelong customer or business partner.

As our founder, mentor, father and grandfather Bob Cohen often said, “You can never make a bad deal with good people.” We like to think he still watches over things around here, and we work every day to be the “good people” to whom he referred.

Mike Cohen – MikeCohen@ironmetals.com
Murray Cohen – MCohen@ironmetals.com
Alan Cohen – ACohen@ironmetals.com
  • A customer is the most important person ever in this office…in person, by mail or by telephone.


  • A customer is not dependent on us…we are dependent on him/her.


  • A customer is not an interruption of our work…he/she is the purpose of it.


  • We are not doing a favor by serving a customer…he/she is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.


  • A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with…no one ever wins an argument with a customer.


  • A customer is a person who brings us his/her wants…it is our job to handle them profitably, to him/her and to ourselves.
Scott Dassler: Vice President, Non-Ferrous Division

Sometimes you just get lucky – and that’s how we feel about finding Scott. A Colorado native, Scott has worked around town at various stamping and machine shops, so he knows how industrial customers operate. Then Scott started a successful small scrap pick-up operation, and he quickly realized IMI was the best place to bring his product. After years of getting to know him, we recognized Scott would be a valuable addition to our scrap buying team, so we brought him on board.

Scott has 25 years experience overall in the metals industry, and he has become an expert at buying e-scrap, catalytic converters and automotive parts, communications components, and every other grade of scrap metal you can collect.

The bottom line: You want the most money for your scrap – and Scott has been in your shoes. He’ll help you sort, prepare and sell your scrap so you get the best return possible.


Luis Reyes:Dispatch Manager
Tap Sittiseri: Senior Scrap Buyer

Not only is Tap one the friendliest, funniest guys you’ll ever meet, he is also one of the most knowledgeable scrap buyers in Denver. As our past V.P. of non-ferrous (Scott’s current role), Tap had to learn each grade of material, how we process it and sell it, and the exact value of each item. And now that he’s in charge of commercial accounts, Tap can advise you on how best to sort, containerize and sell your scrap for maximum profit, just like he did for us. Definitely take advantage of his expertise.
Tap is also great with service and logistics. He oversees our dispatch and containerization, so call him if you have questions or an issue. After all, it’s his job is to make sure we take care of you.

The bottom line: If you’re in charge of selling scrap at your facility, a quick
conversation with Tap will give you the confidence that you are truly minimizing your handling, and maximizing your profits.


Joe Panza: Senior Scrap Buyer

We got to know Joe very well over the years, because he’s called on us frequently as a sales rep for other industrial companies. And, we were so impressed with his sales style, that we hired him for ourselves.

For 20+ years, Joe has directed sales in trucking, fabrication, healthcare and other industrial services. He knows how to deliver on promises and go the extra mile to build long-lasting relationships. That’s what he’s tasked to do here at IMI.

The bottom line: Joe is a real sales pro! When he quotes metal pricing or consults on a clean-up project, you can count on accurate information and follow-through.


Steve Cohen: Systems and Information Manager

Steve has finally joined the family business, and we’re thrilled to have his brain power on board.  Steve gave up a career in medicine recently, after training at Stanford, Harvard and CU Health, and building his own practice as a physician in Tucson.  Throughout his life, Steve has not only been the smartest guy in the room, but more importantly, he’s treated folks with compassion and deep caring.  Considering he’s always received perfect test scores, and was even once on the U.S. Chemistry Olympic team, we know he’ll push us all to get things 100% right.

The bottom line:  Steve has always had “scrap in his veins,” and now he can invest his talents to help IMI maintain the efficiency, accuracy and caring you’ve grown to expect from us.

Kathy Dawson: Office Manager

Kathy really runs the show around here. Besides maintaining a professional atmosphere in the office at all times, Kathy is also our primary bookkeeper. She has all your account info at her fingertips, and she can help you match up scrap shipments with payments … pair invoices with service dates … and sort out any other paperwork questions you might have. Kathy also prepares the summaries we provide to help you track scrap volumes and meet your reporting requirements.

The bottom line: For current customers and vendors, Kathy is the one to ask when you have questions about accounting, business practices, or any other inquiry about how we operate.


Raymond Solis: Scrap Buyer and Safety Coordinator

In his dozen or so years here, Raymond has worn many hats, including truck driver, scrap sorter and scale operator. For the past few years, Raymond has learned to become a trusted scrap buyer, and he directs most customers around our non-ferrous receiving area.

Lately, though, Raymond has taken on his most important role yet, that of Safety Coordinator. Every company is in business to make money, but around here, making sure every employee goes home healthy and every customer leaves our yard safely is priority #1.

The bottom line: Raymond has the know-how to price and grade metals, and he also helps ensure that IMI is an easy, safe place to drive in and sell your scrap.


Erin Goltz: Front Counter and Scale Operator

Erin is the friendly face in the window at our full-length truck scale and at our retail counter. She’s often the first person you meet when you’re here, so she knows how important it is to be helpful and courteous, no matter how many trucks she’s receiving, weighing, shipping or tracking around our yard.

The bottom line: Erin is many people’s favorite. After all, she pays you when you deliver a load of scrap to us!


amy leslie
Adrian Paolucci: Digital Marketing | IT Support

Adrian may be one of the newer faces around here, but it feels like he’s been with us for years.  That’s because Adrian is a quick study with the energy to learn how things work in the office, and the motivation to make us better. If you receive scrap reporting, you’ve seen the work he’s done to make spreadsheets and PDFs easier to follow and understand.  He also enters most of your scrap loads into A/P, so he has your data right at his fingertips.

The bottom line:  You can count on Adrian to direct you to the right folks here for pricing, dispatch, or anything else you might need help with.